In this course, you will learn how to use NODE RED as a programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. Other than that, you will learn about creating an IoT project which is ‘Air Monitoring’ using NodeRED with Raspberry Pi. This project as a practice for you to use NODE RED.

What will you learn:

  • Basic setup of the Raspberry Pi

  • Installation of the pallets

  • The Function flow and creating the dashboard

  • IoT project with NODE RED

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1

    • Lesson 1: Preparation of the Raspberry Pi

  • 2

    Chapter 2

    • Lesson 2: Connection to the Raspberry Pi and Installation of the Pallete

  • 3

    Chapter 3

    • Lesson 3: The Function Flow & Dashboard

  • 4

    Chapter 4

    • Lesson 4: Flows with Trigger & Voice Report

  • 5

    Video Tutorial

    • Smart Air Quality DHT22 using NodeRED Video


Zulsyahmi Othman


Involved with Internet of things and autonomous project since 2018.

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