It is hard to imagine life without your Smartphone – you have come to rely on it so much – for your work; to stay in touch with family and friends; to capture and share those special moments; to find your way around in a new neighborhood. Did you ever wonder how and when all this happened? Or how and when GPS sensors came to be in your cell phone? In this course, we will explore the convergence of multiple disciplines leading to today Smartphones. You will learn about the birth and evolution of Telephony Networks, Broadcast Networks (TV and Radio) and Consumer Electronics. We will discuss the impact of the Internet, (multimedia) content, smartphones, and apps on everyday lives. We will then look at how this emerging platform called the Internet of Things – wherein billions and trillions of devices communicating with each other and “the cloud” – could enable unprecedented, innovative products and services. Take this course if you want to understand what great new advances in mobile-enabled products will be coming our way! 

Learning Goals: This course provides a core grounding in how science and technology have developed to enable the Internet of Things – in a way appropriate for any learner.

Course curriculum


  • Is it lifetime access?

    Yes it is. You can learn anytime.

  • Is it suitable for beginner?

    Yes it is. We co-create this content for beginner and intermediate.

  • This course include hand ons project?

    No. This course only covers theory and fundamentals for Internet of Things. If you want a hand on project., you can enroll another at this link

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